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Adelaide Bank

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Adelaide Bank is a regional bank that punches above its weight in terms of IT development and innovation. It has one of the better mobile banking apps. It also scores highly for customer service and satisfaction. If you want to stick with a 'bank', but want one that is trying to do more, you should Bendigo and Adelaide Bank.

Facts and lender background

Adelaide Bank was established on 1 January 1994 from the Co-operative Building Society of South Australia Limited, which was Australia's largest building society as a result of a merger with the Hindmarsh Building Society (established in 1877). In 2007 it merged with the Bendigo Bank.


Bendigo & Adelaide Bank has a loan portfolio of $21bn

Credit Rating

Bendigo & Adelaide Bank is rated BBB+ by S&P. The Australian Government's guarantee on deposits under the Financial Claims Scheme applies to deposits held with Bendigo & Adelaide Bank.


Bendigo and Adelaide Bank is a public company listed on the ASX. Bendigo and Adelaide Bank fund a number of mortgage managers and also fund and co-own Tic Toc.


Bendigo and Adelaide Bank is 80% funded by retail deposits.

Customer service
Product Review Rating

average is 2.1 / 5

Branch network

Access to more than 500 branches across Australia. Adelaide Bank customers can visit Bendigo Bank branches to do their banking. You are able to transact at more than 3,200 Australia Post outlets that display the Bank@Post sign. This provides you with real-time deposits and the ability to draw cash.

Internet banking

Internet banking is available.


Customers can withdraw cash free of charge from any of the major banks ATMs.