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Bluestone is a non-bank that aims to be more competitive than the banks. It does this by having no branches and less staff. It sources its funds from the wholesale market. Hence, although its rates are competitive, they are also subject to higher volatility. Bluestone make its money by packaging many loans and selling them to the wholesale market for a profit. Hence, it makes its money from you after a few months as opposed to over the life of your loan. Its services should be considered as a one-off transaction as opposed to one that will foster an on-going relationship.

Facts and lender background

Bluestone has been operating for more than 20 years and today has over 200 employees across 3 locations in Sydney, Auckland and Manila. We currently manage in excess of 9 billion in mortgages and are accelerating our origination activity. Bluestone is one of the leading operators in Australia's non-bank lending market, with ambitions for substantial future growth.


Credit Rating

Bluestone does not hold deposits and does not have a credit rating. It's funders may collect deposits and will have a relevant credit rating.


In April 2018, Bluestone was acquired by global private equity giant Cerberus Capital Management. Under Cerberus' ownership we are embarking on a new era for Bluestone which includes an ambitious and exciting expansion plan.


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Bluestown does not have its own branches.

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Internet banking is available.