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La Trobe aims aims to provide great customer service and satisfaction if you are a good customer. They are one of the few lenders that address complaints on online forums. Borrowers should understand that some of the funds that La Trobe lends is 'real' money belonging to their investor clients. Hence, you can expect a degree of assertiveness from La Trobe if your account as they are less forgiving as banks if your home loan goes into arrears.

Facts and lender background

La Trobe Financial was established in 1952 in Australia and initially operated as a specialist residential lender business partnership between Kel O’Mullane and Ray O’Neill. Attributed as one of the fastest growing permanent building societies in Victoria in the 1970s with a network of 9 branches and over 230 agents and AUM of $28million. It was eventually de-mutualised after Ray O’Neill bought out his co-founding business partner in the early 1980’s.

La Trobe Financial operates as one of Australia’s leading credit specialists, dedicated to providing financial solutions for borrowers and investors whose financial needs are under-served by traditional institutions.

La Trobe Financial specialise in originating, underwriting and managing granular assets being both traditional residential and commercial mortgage loans. La Trobe Financial tailor lending products to clients who require personalised service from a dedicated and highly trained workforce. The assets managed are 70% residential security and 30% commercial security based.


La Trobe has about $6b under management

Credit Rating


La Trobe is privately owned by private equity group Blackstone and Greg O'Niell.


La Trobe has a diverse funding source split between bank facilities, credit funds and secuirtisation programs.

Customer service
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average is 2.1 / 5

Branch network

La Trobe does not have its own branches.

Internet banking

Internet banking is available.