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ING is a global bank with retail banking in many countries and is the 5th largest mortgage provide behind the 4 major banks. It has a vision of transforming the way of banking on a global scale and has the means to. ING commends itself on it high customer service and satisfaction ratings in Australia. Unlike the Australian banks, it has global pressures to be competitive and improve customer service. Australia is considered to be 'challenger' market for ING where they are able to grow their market share. For this reason, ING is expected to continue to be competitive on interest rates and non-branch customer service going forward. However, unlike the 4 major banks, ING does not have as much social pressure to relax credit policies when needed. Hence, ING will not be as flexible as the major 4 banks. ING also has one of the better mobile banking apps around.

Facts and lender background

ING is a Dutch multinational banking and financial services corporation headquartered in Amsterdam. ING is an abbreviation for Internationale Nederlanden Groep (English: International Netherlands Group). Founded in 1999, ING Australia was Australia's first direct bank. It has since grown to become the largest mortgage lender outside of Australia's Big Four banks.


ING has assets about EUR 900 billion globally and over $50 billion in Australia.

Credit Rating

ING Bank (Australia) is rated A- by S&P. The Australian Government's guarantee on deposits under the Financial Claims Scheme applies to deposits held with ING Bank (Australia).


ING is a public company listed on the NYSE and Euronext.


70% of ING's funding is from customer deposits.

Customer service
Product Review Rating

average is 2.1 / 5

Branch network

You are able to transact at more than 3,200 Australia Post outlets that display the Bank@Post sign. This provides you with real-time deposits and the ability to draw cash.

Internet banking

Internet banking is available.


Customers can withdraw cash free of charge from any of the major banks ATMs.