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Loan Ave

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Loan Ave is able to provide specialist finance to niche borrowers. It is a non-bank. Hence, its services should be considered as a one-off transaction as opposed to one that will foster an ongoing relationship.

Facts and lender background

Loan Ave has been in operation since 2006 with a significant footprint, made up of more than 100 brokers in South Australia and Victoria.


Credit Rating

Loan Ave is does not collect deposits and does not have a credit rating. Its funders may have credit ratings.


Loan Ave is owned Yellow Brick Road. Yellow Brick Round is a public company listed on the ASX. Yellow Brick Road also owns RESI Mortgage


Loan Ave manages loans funded by Bendigo and Adelaide Bank, First Mortgage Home Loans, Resimac, AFSH Nominees, Challenger Mortgage Management, Origin Mortgage Management on behalf of Columbus Capital.

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Branch network

Loan Ave does not have its own branches.

Internet banking

Internet banking is available.