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ME Bank

LoanCaddie Opinion

ME Bank scores very highly in terms of customer service and satisfaction. You can expect this to continue given their customer super fund ownership structure means making a profit is not their priority. ME Bank has the potential to be a big financial services player in Australia. For it to grow to scale, it understands that profit must be second to building strong customer reputation.

Facts and lender background

ME Bank was founded in 1994 as Super Member Home Loans (SMHL) by Australia's Industry Super Funds. SMHL became Members Equity Bank in 1999, and received a banking 2001.


ME Bank has assets in excess of $27 billion

Credit Rating

ME Bank is rated BBB by S&P. The Australian Government's guarantee on deposits under the Financial Claims Scheme applies to deposits held with ME Bank.


ME Bank is privately owned by a group of Australian superannuation funds.


Customer service
Product Review Rating

average is 2.1 / 5

Branch network

You are able to transact at more than 3,200 Australia Post outlets that display the Bank@Post sign. This provides you with real-time deposits and the ability to draw cash.

Internet banking

Internet banking is available.


Customers can withdraw cash free of charge from any of the major banks ATMs.