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Which banks are NOT investing in fossil fuels?

Where banks invest their money makes a HUGE difference to the environment. So when it comes to saving, where your money sits, really does matter.

Let’s take a look at which banks have a positive impact on the community and invest it back into the planet, the people and animals.

According to a report from Market Forces, the following banks on our lending panel do not invest in fossil fuels.

  • 86 400

  • Adelaide Bank (Connective Select)

  • Auswide Bank

  • Gateway Bank

  • Health Professionals Bank

  • Heritage Bank

  • ME Bank

  • MyState

  • Newcastle Permanent Building Society

  • Suncorp

  • Teachers Mutual Bank

  • UniBank (formerly UniCredit)

So if the future of the planet is important to you, you may want to consider the above-mentioned lenders.